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When you’re at the pool, on a hike, or spending a summer day out under the sun, it’s pretty easy to remember to put on sunscreen. But it’s not such an automatic thought when you're in your car, headed up the mountain to ski, or sitting in your office, about to start your workday. Even more, the idea to put on sunscreen may not even enter to mind after you look outside and see it's raining or starting to snow. 

But it should 
If you want good skinyou need to wear sunscreen every single day. 

Yes, even when it’s cloudy outside. 

Yes, even when you're inside. 

Yes, even when it’s snowing, raining, hailing, or sleeting. 

Here’s why: sunlight is made up of three different types of light—visible, infrared, and ultraviolet. Out of the group, ultraviolet light serves as the greatest threat to healthy skin. The sun emits several types of ultraviolet rays, but only two—UVA and UVB—ever reach the earth’s surface.  

UVB rays are more powerful, often burning, blistering, and tanning the skin. They are strongest during the summer months, but exist whenever the sun is out.  At their worst, UVB rays manipulate skin cell DNA, causing skin cancer to form. Because of this and other dangerous effects, UVB rays are blocked by most commercial sunscreens.  

Comparatively, UVA rays are weaker, but are able to penetrate the epidermis, or top layer of the skin, while UVB rays cannot. UVA rays cause wrinkling and premature aging to occur and can cut through clouds and glass, meaning that even if you spend the stormiest, shadiest day indoors, your skin is still at risk. 

While despite making up close to 95 percent of all the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, most sunscreens aren’t designed to deter UVA rays. 

The good news is FormRx has created three products that will protect you from the harmful consequences of both UVA and UVB rays. 

Our Complete Sun Protection Clear SPF 45, Complete Sun Protection Tinted SPF 45, and Physical Defense Sunblock 47 keep your skin guarded and safe—all day, all year long, and under all conditions. 

Complete Sun Protection Clear SPF 45 

Our Complete Sun Protection Clear SPF 45 contains the market’s most effective photostabilizer to significantly enhance broad spectrum sunscreen protection against UVA and UVB rays linked to sunburn and premature aging. This product should be reserved for your face. 

Complete Sun Protection Tinted SPF 45  

The Complete Sun Protection Tinted SPF 45 packs a powerful one-two punch: formulated as an all-in-one sunscreen and foundation, this tinted protector moisturizes and provides sheer color coverage, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and blends naturally to match every skin tone, leaving skin radiant with a natural, healthy glow. This product should be reserved for your face. 

Physical Defense Sunblock 47 

This lightweight formula provides a natural chemical-free formula for daily sun protection. The combination of physical sunscreen ingredients and antioxidants provides UVA and UVB protection for all skin types. This product can be used anyone on your body, including your face. 

If Form Med Spa offered a treatment that could slow down the evidences of aging, eliminate sunburns, and stop skin cancer from forming, we’d have an endless line heading out our door. The truth is that sunscreen is that treatment. Understandably, it can be hard to remember to put it on every day, especially when its need doesn’t seem so obvious. But with discipline and medical grade products, you can keep your skin looking young and healthy. 

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