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Our skin is the softest and healthiest when we are young. This is because collagen—the protein responsible for keeping the skin wrinkle-free and supple—naturally begins to be produced less and less the older you get, starting around ages 20 to 25. 

An overexposure to ultraviolet rays, smoking, and excessive sugar consumption can also decrease the production of collagen in the body, but no matter what you do, simply aging will make your skin drier and less plump. 

However, there are products that can rejuvenate and hydrate your skin to help it return to its prime. One of these products is FormRx Filler in a Bottle. 

Filler in a Bottle is made up of several ingredients, including hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule naturally found in the body that helps boost collagen levels. It binds water and collagen together and can hold 1000x its weight in water. (That is a lot!) 

Like collagen, the older you are, the less hyaluronic acid you produce, which is why your skin begins to dry out and wrinkles and other fine lines begin to form. When you use FormRx Filler in a Bottle, you are providing your body with the ingredients it needs to create more glowing, youthful appearance.  

Using FormRx Filler in a Bottle is like giving a talented chef the flour they are missing but need to make the cookies you have ordered: your body, at whatever age, can look nice—it just needs some help. 

Copper peptides are also found in FormRx Filler in a Bottle. These amino acids are proficient wound healers. When combined with hyaluronic acid, copper peptides can assist your skin in becoming and appearing healthier, in turn helping to slow down the signs of aging. 

FormRx Filler in a Bottle is clinically proven to deliver equivalent results to one injection of collagen filler in just two weeks of regular use, while being less invasive. 

In clinical studies, FormRx Filler in a Bottle was also proven to provide patients with:  

  • A 190% increase in elastin production after 11 days 
  • A 179% increase in collagen I production 
  • 194% increase in collagen III production after 11 days 
  • 50% decrease in skin laxity after 28 days 
  • Increased firmness by 13 times in 15 days 
  • A reduction of the depth of wrinkles by 15%  
  • Increased volume by 13% in only 15 days  
  • 85% increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis  
  • Improvements sustained after two months of treatment 

It crucial to use Filler in a Bottle everyday as a part of your skincare routine. It should be applied after use of cleansers and toners, and before creams and other moisturizers. 

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