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The sun will do wonderful things for our bodies. It helps our skin produce vitamin D, thus blessing our bones. It can literally lighten our mood and help our well-being, and it helps us keep our sleep schedule regular. All we need is 15-30 minutes of it every day!  However,...

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FormRx Medical-Grade Skincare

Skin care comes in all shapes and sizes, and with that all different price ranges. Before choosing to invest in Medical Grade Skincare, read on to better understand what it is. Medical grade skincare provides wonderful benefits to your skin. Medical grade skincare has higher quantities of active ingredients (see...

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Although winter is better known as the season that dries out skin, summer can also leave your body feeling dehydrated, red, and scratchy.  Here are three common culprits that can cause dry skin during the summer. Air conditioning  There is no greater feeling than stepping into an air-conditioned room after being in the outdoor heat. However, spending...

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