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About FormRx

“ I'm passionate about using science and plastic surgery principles to help others look and feel their best! ”
—Dr. Ward

We created FormRx medical grade skin care to address a need we saw in other skin care brands. There were some skin care products that had the active ingredients that provided the results that patients desired, but many of these products had undesirable side effects. They were too harsh, overly chemical, or overly medical in their presentation. Conversely, some products were gentle enough to avoid harshness, but were too gentle to provide clinical results.

We decided to combine the knowledge I gained about chemistry while getting my master’s degree in chemistry with my facial plastic surgery and medical knowledge to create a skin care line that would give patients the results they desired. We further refined the products by having my harshest critic review the products for effectiveness, gentleness, and overall feel of the products. That critic was my wife, Janie!

This collaboration allowed us to create a product line that is gentle enough to meet Janie’s high standards for presentation, effectiveness, and gentleness, but also satisfied my requirements as a chemist and facial plastic surgeon that the skin care products would give my patients the results they want.

We developed the FormRx Skin Care line by working with one of the leading cosmetic laboratories in the world, which allowed us to ethically develop the products without animal testing. The process was laborious and involved work with the lab to change, adjust, and tweak the formula to find the best combination of ingredients that leave the skin healthier without making it oily or overly dry.

The hallmark of the FormRx Skin Care Line is the FormRx Complete System, which contains seven products that provide an easy to use system for creating healthy, glowing skin. There are several other FormRx Skin Care products that are used for more specific indications and to enhance the results of the complete system. We continue to work to improve and bring on new products to the FormRx Skin Care line.

Seeing the results and thrilled customers is incredibly rewarding and keeps us motivated and always striving to improve and develop further products.

About Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward is a plastic surgeon who focuses his entire practice on the face and neck. He is double board certified in facial plastic surgery and head and neck surgery. This background gives him a unique knowledge and understanding of the face and its surrounding structures.

Prior to medical school and his career in plastic surgery, Dr. Ward earned a master's degree in chemistry. This background and interest promoted him to work with a leading cosmetic laboratory to develop his own skin care line, called FormRx, which combines tried and true ingredients along with the latest skin care technology to treat, prevent, and reverse the signs of aging. Form Rx products are more effective and gentler than commercially available products.

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