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Hair loss can take away more than just what’s on your head: personal confidence and positive self-esteem are often tied to our physical appearance and losing or having thinning hair can leave you feeling as if you don’t have control over how you look. 

The good news is that we understand how and why common forms of hair loss happen. FormRx has developed products that help in preventing hair loss while promoting hair regrowth. 

The most prevalent cause of hair loss is the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is found in both men and womenbut men tend to have higher levels of DHT as it iheavily involved in the development of male physical characteristics. 

Issues arise when a person has an excess of DHT. In these instances, the hormone will often latch onto hair follicles along the scalp and shrink them. This unplanned resizing interrupts the natural growth cycle of individuals hairsinvoluntarily speeding up the process and leaving hair thinner and wispier than before. These affected hairs then tend to fall out and have a hard time growing back. 

In response to this problemFormRx has developed a product that has been clinically proven to reduce DHT production. Our Rapid Growth Serum takes on DHT with a special biomimetic peptide, panthenol, and red clover extract rich with Biochanin A—all of which work to keep DHT at bay and allow hair to grow at its natural rate. 

The Rapid Growth Serum can also be applied to thinning eyebrows and beards. The serum’s unique compound is central in preventing hair loss across your face. 

In addition to the Rapid Growth Serum, FormRx also offers medical grade shampoo and conditioner that work at preventing hair loss, while also strengthening and improving the texture of your hair. 

Our Hair Growth Shampoo helps your scalp produce fuller and thicker hair. When used every day, your hair will not only be thoroughly cleaned, but made to feel and look better, too. 

FormRx’s Hair Growth Conditioner contains special ingredient called panthenol. As a versatile provitamin, panthenol features anti-inflammatory properties that both soothe the scalp and strengthen hair. It also has the ability to enter hair follicles and improve moisture retention in the hair shaft. Proper amounts of moisture are essential for hair strength, elasticity, and shine. 

The Rapid Growth Serum, Hair Growth Shampoo, and Hair Growth Conditioner provide the best results when used together. Our Rapid Regrowth System features all three products. 

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